Why Gurudisha Online

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Daily live Classes

Learn programming by interactive live classes by our professional trainers. We schedule daily live classes for our courses.

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Practice and Revise

Learning isn't just limited to classes with our practice section, quiz and recorded lecture shared as PDFs for your revision.

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Learn anytime, anywhere

Remove the classroom walls. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere at Guru Disha Online.

Our online Programming Course

One to One

Designing and delivering a one to one training session requires all the skills of group delivery and an adaptable approach to ensure your evaluation is successful. This course covers the tailored approach you will need to take to ensure the training cycle is applied to match the behavioural outcome required from your individual.

Recorded Lecture

Students use lecture recordings during term time for learning, and for assessment preparation and examination revision

PDF Content

Developments in the IT field have led to the development and variety of e-learning objects so that web lessons are found in most online courses and are developed in order to maintain the student’s interest.

Online Test

Test your learning and boost up your skills using online programming test and get real time result. We provide dynamic dashboard to student to analyse the Performance and improvise there programming logics

Practices Session

Interact with your batchmates every 15 days and share your aspirations with each other. Build an engaging network, learn about each other’s experiences, and share your realisations. The discussions will be conducted through group video calls where 6 students will interact at the same time.

Doubt Session

Interact with your trainers every 5 days and share your doubt. Get professionals knowledge and improvise your skills. The discussions will be conducted through open group calls where others students will interact at the same time.

Gurudisha Testimonials

Gurudisha Certification separates you from the crowd.

GuruDisha Online programming courses help you to add on skills to your resume. You can also share our ISO certified certificate to LinkedIn which help you to connect with more professionals and get good opportunities.
GuruDisha online training will open new doors in your career, by starting our professional courses you can apply for various opening in multinational and startup companies and boost up your career.
Becoming certified help you to start a whole new career in IT industry. Your skills help you to expore more opportunity. You have various options in career like: Freelancing, StartUp Building and job. GuruDisha Certification help you in various way.

Placements @Gurudisha

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